How to level up fast in wizard101 game

How to level up fast in wizard101 game

Games have changed a lot after the advent of internet communication and now everyone could enjoy the fantasy world just by sitting at their computer table. Thanks to the technology, that has made these digital advancements possible. As a result, the online games are getting enormous popularity among the players as you can make your gaming battle with players from all over the world. This creates a greater platform for the gaming enthusiasts as they get a global stage without even spending a single penny on their part. Wizard101 is one such game where the player can assume the role of a student and drown in the ocean of fantasy.


This is an online game designed in a way that the spiral needs to be saved with help of team members. It is a role assuming game and you can enjoy this game with your friend in the multiplayer platform.  Spells are the important tool that is used by the teams in order to weaken the health of the members of the opposite team. If you are not able to find a real time team on the opposite, you can choose pre-programmed teams present in the game. If you were casting a spell then the casting team would get protective armaments like blades and shields thus ensuring your future health and protection from the spells of the opposite team.

wizard101 levels chart

Learn the basics

The game has many safety features for children playing if they are under the age of eighteen. You can unlock the message systems only by ensuring that you are well above the eighteen years of age mark and open chat is only allowed to the adults. However, a predetermined menu chat is allowed for children in order to communicate with other wizards. In order to gain the complete fantasy part of the game you need to reach level higher than 20. Nevertheless, it is very hard to gain a higher level within a short span of time without learning a few tricks.

Tricks to get higher

  • The game is made up of a fictional universe called spiral and you need a specific type of currency in order to spend in this universe. This currency is called with the name crowns and earning high number of crowns is the best shortcut to reach higher levels within an instant.
  • You can either buy crowns to a certain limit with the help of your real-time cash or subscribe to the game with a help of the available packages. There are options for you to earn crowns through rewards from the victories but this is going to take some time.
  • You need to complete every starting quest in all kind of worlds in the game to jump to higher levels.
  • Prospector zeke quest are very important in terms of earning training points. In order to build a proper deck, you need to listen to the quest of the zeke.
  • Try to find out a friend who have reached higher levels already and this friendship can ensure a fast level-up.