About Wizard101

About Wizard101

Recreational activities are very important in this regularly changing world and without proper leisure hours, it is very hard to maintain your mental and physical health in a good manner. However, involving in physical recreation like the one gardening or having a pet is not going to work the way we want. These recreational activities require so much patience and we need to provide a huge amount of time because of the responsibility involved. At the same time, they can also create problems and this, in turn, increase your stress rather reducing it. However, you go enjoy the gaming sessions without any responsibilities and it is useful for everyone in the household irrespective of their age. Wizard games are gaining popularity in the recent days and it is very important to know the basic features of this particular game so that you can easily have a different strong and informed opinion on these kinds of games.

about wizard101

What is wizard101?

Wizard is an online game that can be played by multiple players with the help of internet communication. The multiple players can access the game from different places and they need to choose a specific role in the game. This game is designed in a way that they need to assume the role of as the student in wizard school and has the responsibility to save the spiral. This spiral is termed as the universe like structure within the game and the spiral contains many worlds embedded within it. The technological innovations have made it very easy to enjoy this game fantasy just by sitting inside your home.

Procedures in the game

In order to save the spiral the player needs to defeat the computer created teams or the enemy teams within the game. A team is made up of four or fewer wizards and there is a different kind of schools present within the game like fire, ice and others. After choosing a school, the player can unlock the team features with a standard membership or with the help of the gamer currency called crowns. In order to defeat the enemy team spells are used which has the ability to weaken the members of the team. A team is considered victorious if there is no member leftover in another team.

Economics of the game

You can pay the game version through real cash or there is an option to get the real cash converted into currencies of the game and the most common one is called crowns. Sometimes, it is very easy for the players to earn these crown currencies with the help of a reward program. When reaching a particular stage your account is credited with the certain number of points that are used to buy the currencies.

Safety features

There is a master control available in the game thus ensuring the safety of your children while playing the game. You can control each aspect of the game and in order to unlock various features of the game you need to above the age limit of eighteen years.